Sandi Black has a license for counseling people with a wide range of problems.  She helps clients find Solutions for some of  the following issues:

* Marital problems;  Individual and Relational Problems; Pre-marital Counseling

* Parent/Teenager problems, (including ADD/ADHD Testing, Diagnosis and Management)

* Depression, Anxiety, Anger, Stress Management, and Panic Attacks

* Children's Issues, including Anger Management

* Drug and Alcohol Recovery and treatment follow-up / maintenance.

* Coaching for Life/Success; Career and Vocational Counseling

* Spiritual Problems and Solutions 

* Blended Family Issues

* Tried and True Parenting Strategies (including effective communication, preparing teens for success--in or ourt of college)


Listed below are some signs of a possible problem that might indicate a need for professional counseling:

* Obsession wtih electronic devices

* Sexual activity

* Undesirable dating

* Drop in grades, school absences

* Drastic change in friends

* Mood swings

* Irritable, aggressive, confrontational

* Withdrawn, loner behavior

* Use of drugs or drinking

* Accident prone

* Loss of interest in school, sports, activities

* Sudden or drastic weight changes

* A family with drug/alcohol or abusive issues

* Dropout from school


While some of these could be normal behaviors, a pattern of the above behaviors may indicate a serious need for professional help.  It is better to get help to prevent a crisis, than waiting too long and suffering the consequences.